Friday, February 4, 2011


Let’s get on with the sequel.
I got the polymer clay mass on the Styrofoam parts and tried to sculpt the body as good as possible. It was quite a hard task to hold the body and to sculpt at the same time. I don’t understand how people get such a work done.

Here is the way the bean was tried on.

As I’ve previously mentioned the head was narrowed a little, cause it looked too spherical. Here is the close-up of the head.

Let’s keep going. The pics of the hands. Previously I thought a lot about what type of hands should I do for the professor. I always wanted to make them ball-jointed but was afraid to mess up. Here is the final result. Attention of faint-hearted persons, keep out of the monitor cause of dissected hands.

At last I’ve completed the professor’s clothings yesterday. Oh, what a weird costume. The professor had grumbled to my ear about my clumsiness and sluggishness all the time. Oh yes, I’m not madam Malkin, so I’m not a needle-smith.
Today I’ve tried to make a wig using real hair but wasn’t satisfied. Tomorrow I should start over from the scratch, methinks.

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