Monday, January 31, 2011


Nowadays I’ve mixed in with a big doll again. Cause my first big BJD girl had burnt quite long ago, recently I fortunately felt that I could make a new doll.
So, the new doll is already baked and right now the most complex doll making process of dressing up is going. The business of dressing up is the most intricate for me, so it will take its time while other process pics will appear here.

So, let’s start.
In the very beginning always lies a question of scale or height of a doll. Initially I’d planned for hefty 70cm (approx.27 inches). But the reality almost always differs from plans, the same way it was this time too. Thanks to numerous kind owners of big BJDs who graciously gave me the chance to check out what the big BJD really is, I’d discovered that 70cm (approx.27 inches) for the doll are really too much, so I reduced the height up to 50cm (approx.20 inches) right away and the scheme was re-drawn. Hopefully I didn’t start to carve out Styrofoam parts, otherwise they wouldn’t fit.
Here is the final (50cm=20inches) scheme.

The next step was to mark out a Styrofoam panel and to carve out the parts. Because of my little previous experience, this step was passed rapidly. The carved parts were wrapped around by food wrap and fixed with sticky tape.

Creation of the head. Actually my husband helped me with this head. He swiftly sculpted a head out of plasticine, so I sculpted from the real, three-dimensional model. The only problem was that the plasticine head was made for a 70cm doll, so I had to sculpt a decreased version for a 50cm doll, but anyway the presence of a 3D model and photos made the process much easier than just using only photos. If I didn’t have the 3D model for reference, the process would be much more continuous, I think, at least for me.

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