Monday, January 21, 2013


Title: “Zakk”
Doll Artist: Anastasia Popova
The Doll is made of Fimo Miniature polymer clay
One Of A Kind (OOAK)
March, 2011
Images: Anastasia Popova © 2011
The base is decorated with 2 pebbles, a mushroom and a snail which are all hand-made.
The total height of the composition is approx. 4¾″ The doll would be approx 5″ tall if it was standing.
The hair is real fur. The hat is made of a real acorn cap. The eyes are hand-made according to original author’s technology. Outfit is unremovable, made of real silk. The wings are made of Fimo Gel. The harness and the rope are made of embroidery floss.

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