Thursday, June 25, 2009


Title “Ginny”
The Doll is made of Fimo miniature and Fimo puppen polymer clays
Total height of the composition is approx. 7″
The doll is approx. 6 ½″ tall.
Hair is natural mohair. Eyes are Glastic Realistic (Japan), 6mm in diameter.
The clothes are not removable. Made of stretch fabric, kapron net, lacework, artificial leather, genuine leather. The toy is of serial production but with the doll artist’s additional work.


  1. Hi Anastasia!
    I just discovered your nice dolls and I see that we have something in common with our works….
    My website (that maybe you already now):

    Ana Salvador

  2. Hi Ana!
    Thank you for your comment and sorry for the delay with this reply, I’m not very familiar with my blog’s options, so I didn’t receive a notification about your comment :(
    Oh, yes, I did see your website with your beautiful girls. They are just wonderful. I was really inspired by them. Yes, you’re right there are many things in common, but I hope it’s obvious that I wasn’t just trying to copy your works. If you disagree, please, tell me, maybe I did something wrong?
    Anyway, the work was very interesting for me and for the first time in my doll maker’s life I got a true satisfaction in the process of dressing the dolls in :)
    Thank you for the inspiration,
    Anastasia Popova.